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A statement of purpose (SOP), often known as a personal statement, is a 500–1000-word long essay which tells the reader who you really are and what you want to do. It is a letter of intent that is addressed to the admissions committee and discusses your career goals. It is the most significant element of your application since it tells the admissions committee a personalized description of your character, life, achievements and what has influenced your career path thus far, your professional interests, and where you intend to go next, which your resume does not tell. It is an opportunity where you can tell the reader and let them assess your story about why you think you deserve to be a part of the community.

It is a clear articulation of your goals and ambitions, evidence of past success events, interests and a lot more. The finest statement of purpose has always been one that tells a story: it's more engaging, memorable, and allows you to see how a person was truly moulded by certain life circumstances. In short, a well-written SOP gives organizations a picture of your overall personality. It's your chance to tell the committee why you're the best candidate for the job and why they should pick you above the others. SOP is also needed while applying for a visa to elaborate on your purpose of travel. 


SOP is the most important factor in deciding the success of your college admission and visa application. It is crucial that your SOP is perfect and meets all the criteria. It is your first chance of forming a good impression on the reader and explaining your story. Writing an SOP on your own can be tough and stressful. But don’t worry, CV Guys is here to help.

You will find many SOP samples online which will give you an idea of how your SOP should look like. But be careful to not copy those SOP examples. Your SOP should be unique and personal to you, if it is plagiarized you will be disqualified immediately.


Though each Statement of Purpose should be tailored to the school and program to which you are applying, there are some general characteristics and structures that most will follow, it is better to follow this SOP format: -

  • In the first paragraph, give a brief introduction to yourself. Indicate the program for which you are applying and the intake date you are interested in. Next, in two to three sentences, outline what you will be discussing in your Statement of Purpose.

  • In the second paragraph, explain why you want to pursue the program you're interested in. Are your parents' careers inspiring you, and do you want to follow in their footsteps? How did you gain an interest in the course you’re applying for? Whatever your source of inspiration, ensure that it is unique to your personal experience and relevant to your program.

  • In the third paragraph, you can write about previous experiences that are relevant to your desired field of study. Include any extracurricular activities, work experience, sports teams, or clubs that will benefit your future studies. You don't have to list every single accomplishment you've had. Instead, choose past experiences that you believe are relevant, what skills you gained from them, and how these skills make you an excellent candidate for the university. For example, if you wanted to enter an Early Childhood Education program, highlight the previous experience you had working with children, such as a summer camp counsellor, and how it helped you learn skills like management and problem-solving.

  • In the fourth paragraph, discuss why you chose that specific university and what you value about it. Is there a well-known engineering program at the school, as well as a strong reputation for field research? Is the campus equipped with fantastic facilities and studios for the Fine Arts program to which you're applying? This is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge of the school's history and reputation while also demonstrating to admissions officers that you are committed to the university's future success. Furthermore, as a prospective international student, explain why you want to study in that particular country and how it will benefit your academic experience. For example, do you want to study in Canada because of its multicultural population and to improve your English and French skills? An international education exposes you to a new culture, language, and way of life, providing a wealth of learning opportunities beyond academics, so include these reasons in your Statement of Purpose.

  • In the last paragraph, discuss your goals for this degree in the final paragraph of your statement of purpose. This is where you outline your next steps and what you hope to gain from your research experience. Indicate your intended career path or whether you intend to further your education. Do you intend to return to your home country to share what you've learned, or do you want to work on a global scale? The university wants to know how earning their degree will help you achieve your long-term goals and plan of action.

  • Thank the admissions officers for reviewing your application in the final sentence. Demonstrate your eagerness and excitement for a new chapter in your life.


You can use the SOP template given below for reference: -

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