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Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions for usage of the website and services of


The usage of the site, (we/us/the site), is bound by certain terms and conditions that the jobseekers and users (you/your) of this website must agree and adhere to. ‘We’ and ‘You’ are, hereinafter, referred to as ‘Parties’. Upon Accessing, browsing or otherwise using the site you are explicitly agreeing to all the terms and conditions in this legally binding agreement.

The ‘terms and conditions’ is a legally protected electronic record / document and became effective from Jan 31, 2020.

You understand, accept and agree:

  • that is into the business of providing its customers with CV / Resume / Cover letter / Linked profile writing & designing and Website development services;

  • to us storing your basic details and payment information including your name, address, payment mode, date of order, IP address, etc.);

  • that your purchase may be subject to foreign currency exchange fees or any fluctuations in the currency exchange rates;

  • to honour your payment obligations, including but not limited to, fees and taxes;

  • that we do not store your billing information (e.g. credit card details or any banking passwords);

  • that never posts any jobs vacancies nor does it requests any personal information (except the most basic information described above);

  • that never promises or guarantees any job (in exchange of money or otherwise) to its customers / users of this site;

  • that our services are restricted to CV / Resume / Cover letter / Personal website / LinkedIn profile writing & design consultancy and Job finding assistance. You are recommended to use caution and vigilance with regards to anybody pretending to represent and in such a situation, to notify us immediately;

  • that our representatives will only discuss matters related to the service purchased by you and may, sometimes, recommend buying a related service from In such a case, please make the payment for such a service using the website ( only and never share any credit / debit card or financial information over the phone, email, chat or otherwise;

  • that you will not respond to any requests by anyone seeking non-work related information such as Credit Card numbers or Bank information over phone or email. Kindly notify us by calling us or writing to us at;

  • that you are eligible for the 100% satisfaction assurance only if you have received an email or text confirmation from us in this regard. Verbal communication in this regard will not be binding on us.

  • that you understand that we follow a ‘no refund’ policy;

  • to only provide information and content that you have the right to share and which is factually correct & accurate and to only provide content or information that doesn’t violate any intellectual property rights or any other applicable laws;

  • to grant a non-exclusive (worldwide and transferable) license to use, modify, copy, publish, distribute or process information and content that you provide to us without any need for further consent, notice or compensation to you;

  • with the terms of our Privacy Policy;

  • that we can increase / decrease the pricing of our services at any time without any prior notice to you;

  • that can share, publish use in any manner (without obligation on its part) the feedback provided by you;

  • that we can alter or discontinue any service at any time without prior notice to you;

  • that we have no obligation to store or maintain or provide you a copy of any content or information;

  • that shall have the right to remove or modify any content, from the site, whatsoever;

  • that reserves the rights to use the developed documents like CVs, Resumes, and Cover letters as Samples for the site or other prospective customers. This will be done by sufficiently concealing personal details like name, phone number, email and address. You may refer our privacy policy for more information on this;

  • that the content posted in sections which are open for anyone to post content in does not necessarily reflect the views of;

  • that we are not responsible for third party content or information posted on the site or for any damages caused to you as result of your dependence or reliance on such content;

  • that you are solely responsible for accessing any outbound links to third party apps or sites from with not being responsible in any way;

  • that other users or possibly hackers may post offensive or obscene content on the site and which you may be exposed to. While we try to ensure checks and protection against such activities, we will not be liable in case of any such incident. reserves the right, without any obligation, to monitor the materials posted on the site;

  • that has the responsibility and the rights to disclose any information in accordance with any law, regulation or a request by competent statutory authorities;

  • that you are giving us permission to share important information & updates with you through our website, email, telephone, messaging, chat, mobile apps, desktop apps etc.;

  • that you are responsible to ensure the accuracy of your contact information in our records as incorrect or incomplete info may lead miscommunication or no communication;

  • While the agreement may be translated in other languages for the purpose of convenience, the English version of the agreement is final & binding;

  • that this agreement supersedes any prior agreements between the parties;

  • that not acting to enforce a breach of this Agreement, does not qualify as a waiver of’s rights to enforce this Agreement;

  • that you will not create a false / fake identity on and will use only your actual identity and your own recent picture for the purpose of its use on your CV / resume.

  • that you will not misrepresent your employment, education history and your qualifications;

  • that you will not harass, abuse or harm any of our employees / representatives;

  • that you will not violate intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights etc.) belonging to somebody else including those of;

  • that you will not promote prostitution, porn, abuse, child abuse etc. by means of using our platform;

  • that you will not imply or state that you are affiliated with without our express consent from us;

  • that you will not copy, transfer or use any content from without the written consent of;

  • that you will not hinder or obstruct or interfere with the functioning and operation the site in any way;

  • that you cannot assign or transfer this agreement (or your membership or use of Services) to anyone without our written  consent;

  • that may assign this agreement to anyone without your consent;

  • that reserves the rights to modify the terms and conditions as and when they are deemed necessary. We are under no obligation to notify such changes to you and the changes will reflect on the site. You are requested to visit the site periodically for such updates. Your continued use of the service constitutes your understanding, acceptance and agreement on the amended terms and conditions;

  • that will not be liable to you for any monetary & non-monetary,  special, incidental, punitive and consequential loss / damages of any kind as a result of your reliance on or usage of the site;

  • that the courts of Faridabad, Haryana, India will have sole jurisdiction in the unlikely scenario of you and entering into a legal dispute.

All the content available on, including but not limited to the cvguys logo, pictures, text, videos, graphs, charts etc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Content’) is copyright.

If you wish to place a link connecting to, on your website, app or any other document, please ensure that the logo’s dimensions, colors, background etc. are not compromised thereby distorting the appearance of the logo. The link and the corresponding text etc. should not imply, in any way, that is endorsing anything whatsoever without our express written permission. The link should not be placed on a website, app or document that contains content that is construed as offensive, racial, distasteful or criminal in public view or the view of the law.

Finally, in such a case where the terms and conditions do not expressly cover some matter, issue, concern leading to a dispute, you irrevocably agree that will have sole discretion to define / decide the terms and conditions applicable to such matter, issue or concern.

You must not transact on if you do not agree with the terms and conditions defined herein-above.

Please read our FAQs for commonly asked questions.

Please refer to our Privacy policy to know how we use / store your information.


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