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A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a personal statement that informs admissions officers about who you are and what personal and professional interests and experiences you have had so far. It will also include your current career path as well as your future plans. When applying to various types of graduate schools within your control, this is one of the most important parts of your application process. It is your opportunity to make a virtual first impression on the admissions committee to distinguish yourself from other applicants with similar academic backgrounds and to demonstrate how you can add value to the academic institution. A statement of purpose is required as part of the application package for many programs, including undergraduate, graduate school, MBA schools, PhD programs, and MS (Master of Science) programs.

An admissions committee for any graduate or post-graduate school is looking for information that will tell them more about the candidate other than what is reflected in grades, transcripts, academic background and work experiences. The SOP substitutes a personal or face to face interaction with the admissions committee and allows your uniqueness to reveal itself. The chances of admission are highly enhanced with a well thought and written statement of purpose.

A graduate or postgraduate admissions committee is looking for information that will tell them more about the candidate than what is reflected in grades, transcripts, academic background, and work experiences. The SOP replaces a personal or face-to-face interaction with the admissions committee and allows your individuality to shine through. A well-thought-out and written Statement of Purpose greatly improves one's chances of admission. 

Any science lab in the United States, whether university or industry, will have a predominantly international workforce. In stark contrast, American students' interest in science majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels has been declining, while it has been steadily increasing among their counterparts outside the United States. Thus, international sources are being used to meet the demand for scientifically and technically trained workforce. 

Students learn analytical chemistry while analyzing wines and oils, or they learn about coral reefs while investigating the impact of human habitation on the reefs. Contextual learning not only leads to a deeper and richer understanding but also a higher level of interest. High-caliber students from all across the world come to study in the USA, UK and Germany. There is cut-throat competition for all science-related courses and hence it is advised that even the brightest students take professional help in writing their SOP's. 

CV Guys has the best SOP writers for science courses abroad. Our writers have years of experience in writing SOP for biological sciences, SOP for biology, SOP for physics, SOP for chemistry and SOP for biochemistry. With our help, your chances of getting selected will increase many folds. 

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