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How much do Resume Writers charge? Is it worth it?

The charges depend on many variables like the country you are in, your job title, the resume writer's experience and niche, the fact that the writer is a freelancer or a part of an agency and so on.

There's a huge variation between the prices of inexperienced resume writers and the ones that are more in demand(professional resume writers). This doesn’t mean that the lesser experienced resume writers will mess up your CV. You just need to find the right one. With that said, there’s again no guarantee that a resume writer charging a higher fee will make the resume stand out.


Seniority of your profile is another factor so the higher your job title, the higher the fee. The cost of resume preparation for a CXO level is considerably higher than that for an entry-level position.


In India, the prices for resume writing professional services range between ₹1000-6000, while in the USA, the prices vary between $100-500. The more sought after resume writers charge thousands of dollars. Similarly, if you are in the UK you should be looking at something like £50-300.

Which is the best Resume Writing Professional Service?

‘CVGUYS.IN’ is undoubtedly one of the best resume writing services, and they offer a wide range of services like resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile revamp, personal bios, interview guidance and many more.

For resume writing in India, professional resume maker CV GUYS charge from ₹1200-7000 depending on your experience.

For international customers, the prices vary from $39-122 depending on the level of experience you have. Our international customers can visit to get an amazing resume.

CV GUYS are known for creative design, fresh content, value-for-money prices and 100% money back guarantee for that unlikely scenario when our customers are not fully satisfied with their resume.


Is hiring a resume writing service worth it?

It depends on how much value you derive from the service. If you are the one who believes ‘Time is money’ and can put that time to better use, then you must go for it. On the contrary, if you are someone who has the will AND the skill to write a great resume, you should probably avoid hiring a resume writer.

If you are planning to write your own resume, please check out this article on ‘Top 10 common mistakes to avoid while writing a resume’.

Also, if you are looking to find some excellent resume templates, CV templates or cover letter templates, click here.

Bottom line: Go for a resume writing professional service when you think that a good resume will help you find the job you want.

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