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Top 20 Tips to Make an Amazing LinkedIn Profile

Updated: May 30, 2022

It isn't easy to create a great LinkedIn Profile. That's exactly why we have made a list of 20 top tips to create and maintain your LinkedIn profile. This will help you get the maximum mileage out of your presence on LinkedIn and unlock the potential of professional networking.

You can use the help of professionals, like CV Guys, to create a LinkedIn profile for you.

  1. Select the right LinkedIn profile picture - People will form their first impression of you based on your profile picture. Your picture should look formal and professional. It should be a close-up shot so that your face is visible.

  2. Add a good-looking LinkedIn background - Adding a background photo gets you that extra attention you need to build a good impression. Your background picture can be anything related to your work or passion that’ll make your page stand out.

  3. Attractive headline for your LinkedIn profile - Most headlines have just a job title written but you can be creative with yours. Your headline can be a fancy way to tell other people why you do what you do and why you're so passionate about it.

  4. Write a good summary for your LinkedIn profile - Most people skip writing their summary but we feel that it's the most important part of having an impressive LinkedIn profile. Your summary is your story, it's about your struggles, your achievements and your journey. By putting up your summary you can give other people an insight into how you are as a person and what you have to offer.

  5. Say no to buzzwords - Buzzwords are the most commonly used words on LinkedIn but because they are so commonly used, they lose their value. Most used buzzwords are leadership, strategic, experienced, focused, passionate etc. Try to use words different from these to make sure you stand out and so that people get to know you've something extra to offer as compared to what's already available in the market.

  6. Networking - LinkedIn suggests profiles you could connect with based on your contact list or email address book. You can also search for people who’re in the same field as you are and form connections.

  7. Display your skills - Flaunt your skills on your entire page but just remember to keep them relevant. Your marketable skills should have a spot in your summary as well. Your profile viewers can only view your top three skills in your “skills & endorsements” section so make sure your most relevant and impressive skills are on the top.

  8. Tailor your experience - People usually say that your resume has to be tailored for the job you’re applying to but so does the experience on your LinkedIn profile. Your experience should be in line with your current profession or the profession you want to go into.

  9. Emphasize the services you can offer - My people on LinkedIn search based on services they need so it is advised that fill out your service section to boost your profile visibility especially if you are a freelancer or a small business owner.

  10. Skill assessment - You can take an online skills assessment test to display a verified skills badge on your profile. This way, even the people who view your profile will know that you're being honest about your skills. Your chances of being hired will also increase.

  11. Ask for recommendations – With recommendations or endorsements, the visibility of your profile will increase and provides people viewing your profile a visual sense of what you are valued for. This usually includes testimonials written by renowned people with a good LinkedIn profile. The testimonials written plays a crucial role in portraying the experience of working with you and reflects your skills that make your profile look professional. 83% of purchase we make is influenced by recommendations and word of mouth, similarly, it is the case with jobs and people. Having a profile look good is one thing but what adds value is the recommendation from a range of people you have worked with. This increases the chances of getting more calls. It is important to have valuable recommendations and you have to figure out the people you would like from.

  12. All-star status – When your profile is built step by step, LinkedIn will inform you about your profile strength with its profile strength meter that consists of 5 stages which are beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and All-star. What adds value to your profile and increases the opportunities of getting a call about Job is an All-star in the profile strength meter. This helps you to stand out from your competitors and increases your visibility to various hiring managers. The real question is how to get an all-star? Adding experience, education, skills and connection with 50+ people. If you can meet these criteria, you will hit your star status very soon.

  13. Be an active contributor – Posting regularly and highlighting your skills, work experience and other certifications & work will help your profile reach a wider audience and get more visibility. You can also optimize your LinkedIn profile by using the right keywords and engaging with the community. Create content that is useful for not only you but also for your viewers. Regularly comment on other posts and engage to accelerate your views.

  14. Upload your Publication section – The publication section is one of the most important and highlighting elements in LinkedIn profiles. This not only draws attention to your awareness and skills of writing, researching and analyzing but also helps you to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is an E-book, blog, white paper or research paper, uploading it in the publications section will turn out to be your biggest asset.

  15. Follow relevant users from your industry – Following relevant users and influencers on LinkedIn helps to provide you with a variety of suitable content in your feed, which can be shared with others for a better reach and adds value to your profile. It also ensures to give context to your LinkedIn profile, demonstrating your passion and goals.

  16. Use data, figures and numbers to emphasize accomplishments – Using data and numbers allows you to stand out from your competitors and highlights your achievements. It sets a spotlight on the actual work you have done and gives the viewer a fair idea.

  17. Use Find Nearby Feature – These “find nearby” features allow you to network with people nearby you and attend events, conferences or professional meetups. These meetups help to meet HRs or employees of companies that increase your reach and opportunities.

  18. Avoid Typos – Your LinkedIn profile is your “business face”. It is essential to be formal, mannered and avoid silly mistakes like typos in your posts. Using spell-checking software and going through your content 2 times before uploading is necessary. There shouldn’t be any scope for mistakes.

  19. Write the summary in the first person – many people prefer to write their summaries in the third person. It doesn’t give a good impression as we are talking about regular people with regular jobs. Sticking to the first person makes the profile sound professional and interesting.

  20. Join groups and communities – One of the best ways to connect with people and have a good reach on your profile is by joining LinkedIn groups. There are millions of groups run by major publications, professionals, students or a group dedicated to a specific topic. All these groups help in joining or starting discussions, and hone skills for better opportunities.


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