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Frequently asked questions

Why choose CV Guys?

cvguys.in is the place if you are serious about getting more job interview calls. Since you are in the market for professional resume writing services you would probably know by now that CV GUYS offer the best resume writing service. Have any of these questions been on your mind lately: How to create a resume? Which are the top resume writing service? Which are the best resume companies? Where can I find professional resume writers? Should I choose certified resume writers? Should I write my resume on my own or choose resume writing services instead? Can I know about the process of my resume preparation? Can I get resume experts to make my resume for me? Are the professional CV writing services online actually any good? Can someone evaluate my resume? Can I get resume assistance in creating my technical resume? If you answered any of these questions with a ‘Yes’ you are at the right place. Writing a professional CV isn’t something your online resume creators can do as it requires human intervention and with CV Guys CV writing service you can be sure of collaboration between you and our team which gets you the job interviews you want. As they say, not all are created equal – it goes for professional resume services as well. You see, there are hundreds, if not thousands of resume writing services in India. Then, there are resume builders and what not. What really matters is whether your CV designer is just going to ‘Copy & Paste’ the content on your resume or do they actually bother about paying enough attention to each and every resume. While many of them claim to write thousands of resumes every month, “do they have the time and patience to treat me as an individual as opposed to being just a number?” You guessed it right. Most of them don’t. This is where CV Guys are your best bet when it comes to resume writing. We treat our customers with respect and every customer becomes an ambassador for us after seeing the perfect resume that they wanted. Whether it is a Sales resume, Executive Resume, Fresher Resume, Finance Resume, Operations Resume or Senior level resume, you can trust CV Guys to deliver an effective resume that makes an impact as we are the best professional resume writing services online. And, if you’ve been considering the professional resume formats on search engines, please beware as most of these resume examples are beaten to death and your potential recruiter would have seen these formats already. So we recommend going for an original design and more importantly original content. Our professional resume writers write resume content that is checked for correct grammar, spellings and punctuation and is replete with important keywords and skills that are in demand. We also ensure that the narrative style of resume is consistent and is crafted to perfection. Our team of expert resume editors, resume makers will work with you until you are satisfied with your resume. So what are you waiting for? Just get set and go for your resume.

Where can I find the detailed FAQs?

You can find them here.

Who is a CV maker?

Simply put, a CV maker is a professional who writes great CVs for people who are unable to create their own CV due to the lack of time or inclination.

Who is a resume maker?

Similar to a CV maker, a resume maker is a professional who writes and designs well-designed resumes for customers.

Do you write resumes for people applying for jobs in Canada?

Absolutely. We have writen dozens of resumes for Canada, be it for a work visa or study visa.

Do you write content as well?

Yes, we write content for our customers.

Do you write content for blogs and articles as well?

Yes. We have written hundreds of blogs and articles for dozens of clients.

Do you write digital content?

We write a variety of digital content targeted for specific niches including real estate, education, healthcare, hospitality, IT, technology, business and many more.

Do you create company profiles?

Yes, we create company profiles for businesses and corporates around the world.

Where can i find resume samples?

You can find a variety of resume examples on our site. Choose according to your area of expertise.

Why get an amazing resume

You are much more than your Resume - we know it. But how will the recruiter find out? The best they can do is get a 'fair idea' with a glance at your Resume. And they may not be so wrong after all. With so many resumes, the HR manager has barely 6 seconds to shortlist or reject your CV and if it fails to impress them you'd never hear back. And in order to impress them in those 6 seconds, your resume has to convey your aptitude, intelligence, abilities, skills and much more. Resume writing is an art as much as it is a science. Creating that perfect resume that does for you the one thing it's supposed to do - get you an interview call, can be a bit challenging. But Relax! CV Guys can help. With our professional resume writing services you can be sure to get more interview calls.


* Please refer the detailed terms and conditions for more on the 100% satisfaction guarantee.