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All you need to know about ‘Business Development Manager Resume’


We get asked some questions now and then, like:

  1. What skills of a Business Development Manager should I mention in my resume?

  2. How should I write a Business Development Manager resume summary?

  3. How to write a Business Development Manager resume objective?

  4. What are the job responsibilities of a Business Development Manager?

  5. Can you share a Business Development Manager Resume Format in context of India?


What skills of a Business Development Manager should I mention in my resume?

We divide the skills into 3 major sub-sections: Interpersonal Skills, Technical Skills and Domain-related Skills.

Let’s start with Technical skills. A modern-day BDM would generally be expected to have an excellent understanding of basic tools and technology that is necessary in most professions today if not all. Some of these are: MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, CRM software, Lead management software like Salesforce and so on.

The domain-related skills would primarily include knowledge of the product/ service that the BDM’s employer offers to its customers, the needs of its customers, an understanding of where the business fits in the value chain, its competition etc.

That brings us to the interpersonal skills and there’s no denying that these are the most important weapons a BDM needs in his / her weaponry. Here are some of the most critical interpersonal skills a BDM should have and should mention them on his / her resume:

  1. Diplomatic

  2. Tactful

  3. Goal-oriented

  4. Solution-oriented

  5. Build and manage relationships

  6. Negotiation

  7. Client Management

  8. Time Management

  9. Leadership

  10. Highly motivated

  11. Written and Verbal Communication


How should I write a Business Development Manager Resume Summary?


As you might already know, a recruiter decides whether to discard a resume or to read it further within the first 6 seconds.


Your resume summary plays an important role as it, well, summarizes what you bring to the table and that’s precisely what a recruiter is interested in knowing in as little time as possible.

Before we take an example of a good resume summary, it’s important to know what a bad resume summary looks like. Here’s a bad one for you:

“I’m a business development manager wanting to utilize expertise in business development to grow my knowledge and skills”.

Here’s what’s wrong with this one:

  1. It only talks about what the candidate wants to achieve and fails to consider the perspective of the prospective employer

  2. Spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, typos, punctuation mistakes don’t help your cause either

Now, let us take an example of a good summary for a Business Development Manager’s resume:

“A Business Development Manager with 6 years of experience in managing clients spanning across India. These clients are some of the most coveted brands in the real estate sector. Currently managing 30+ key accounts with a Rs. 15 Cr./month portfolio”


What it conveys to the recruiter:

  1. The person can manage large business volumes

  2. He / She can handle key clients

  3. Brings flexibility and the geographic knowledge to travel around India if required

When you need the perfect resume for business development manager, please reach out to us.

How to write a Business Development Manager Resume Objective?


A resume objective is a 2-3 line statement that describes your professional goals and it generally goes in the top half of the first page of your resume.

Your resume objective grabs the attention of the recruiters as it takes up the most important real estate of your resume.


But before we move to “How to write…”, let’s first know ‘When’ to use a resume objective. A resume objective is helpful in cases where the job applicant doesn’t have any previous work experience. So if you aren’t a fresh graduate, you’d probably skip a resume objective and use a ‘Summary’ instead.


Now, before we find out what a good resume objective looks like, we take an example of a not-so-good resume objective:

“I want to be an expert in the field of sales and am seeking an opportunity to prove my abilities in a challenging role."

Doesn’t help, does it?


Let’s consider a good one now:

"A recent Economics honours graduate with plenty of exposure to research work, reports, policy formation. Seeking to utilize the existing skills and learn new skills in a role that offers intellectual stimulation and opportunities for innovation and creativity."

See the difference? The second one focuses on what the candidate brings to the table and what he/ she values most in the first job.


What are the job responsibilities of a Business Development Manager?


Here are some common job responsibilities of a Business development manager:

  • Identify new business opportunities

  • Meet existing and prospective business customers

  • Devise business strategy

  • Competition analysis

  • Analyze market trends

  • Cold calling

  • Sales meetings & sales leads

  • Market research

  • Sales & marketing strategies

  • Promotion of business products/ services at relevant platforms

  • Keep abreast of the industry trends

  • Managing RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, Invoices etc.

  • Drafting agreements, contracts and such other documents

  • Negotiating deals with business customers  


Can you share a Business Development Manager Resume Format in context of India?

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Business Development Manager Resume Example by CVGUYS.IN

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