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What happens to your resume when you apply for a job?

Updated: Mar 20

Have you ever wondered why you don't hear from employers even when you know you're a great candidate for the position you've applied for?

Are you embracing the best practices of resume writing in 2021?

As India's top resume writing company, we put together our expertise to share the variables that hold back your job prospects when it comes to resumes and how you can address them with ease.

In most cases, at least if you are applying for a position with a prominent organization, your resume will have cross a major hurdle called the Application Tracking System or ATS, as it is commonly referred to as.

ATS' role in recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming commonplace and is no longer limited to the tech teams of technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Tesla and the rest. It is part of our everyday life and its use in hiring is no exception. AI is used to a great extent by companies around the world in the form of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to shortlist resumes from a sea of job applications they receive. However, when it comes to screening their resumes to learn about the use of Artificial Intelligence, most of the applicants we come across aren’t aware of this.

Checking keywords

The most critical search component used on the ATS is keywords. It is a compilation of terms unique to the role checked on the ATS by the recruiters. Typically, these consist of key skill sets or technologies needed for a particular role. The Applicant Monitoring System gathers resumes matching the input keywords from its database. The ATS dismisses resumes that do not have the necessary keywords. The ATS works on preset algorithms for the resumes that suit the criterion and ranks one or more parameters. Your resume must have the right set of keywords to attract the consideration of the ATS.

Management of Resumes

Regardless of the application mode, the resume you share with a prospective employer is processed on the database management engine, generally referred to as the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). These resumes are also stored and looked up for longer periods of time when the need emerges in the future.

Parsing the Resumes

The software parses the material on the resume into its database when the resume is submitted to the ATS. This is where the majority of resumes fall into the black hole because they are not published or arranged in a way that can read and retrieve data from the Applicant Tracking System. Either these resumes are then stored in an incomplete way, or the recruiter has to insert the data points manually, which is a tiresome operation. An ATS compatible/compliant resume must be issued.

Checking the Resumes

Recruiters and hiring managers often access the ATS to search for prospective candidates to be interviewed. To shortlist the correct selection of candidates, the recruiters use different screening criteria, such as years of experience, target employers, location, and the most relevant keywords. The absence of keywords is the main reason why the resume fails the ATS exam, followed by a lack of clarity and bad formatting of the ATS. Our team evaluates hundreds of resumes and only a handful make the cut. It has also been noted that for the simple reason that the ATS does not read image files, the ATS does not read these resumes, there are many resumes that come out as image files based on the nature of applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator. It only detects readable text.

You can reach out to us to review your resume and/or create a new resume that is synchronized with the criteria above to give you the right kind of exposure and get you the right interview. We also have a division of resume writers who are pioneers in writing special regional resumes and write resumes for the Gulf zone, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the EU, Australia and New Zealand.

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