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Writing Your First Resume (For Freshers)

Updated: May 30, 2022

One should not underestimate the importance of a resume as it acts as a bridge between you and your prospective employer. Therefore, to make an impressive first impression, your resume must be unique. The time for an interview is generally limited. So, it is essential that you create a resume that stands apart from the others and also highlights your best skills.

A well-structured and precise resume has the best chances of selection as the interviewers need is always to find a candidate who has an out-of-the-box approach. So, creating a well- written and concise resume is extremely important for the interviewee.

Why is it Important to Have a Good Resume?

The need for having a good resume can’t be stressed more due to the following reasons:

A Resume is a Brief Version of Yourself

Your resume represents your personality and abilities. Generally, a resume reaches the cabin of your recruiter much before you enter. Just by looking at the resume, a recruiter can tell about your mindset and personality. So a nicely written resume does fifty percent of the work of your interview to happen.

Resume Helps to Showcase Your Skills

You might have accumulated plenty of skills over the years and this little document known as a resume is the appropriate place for entering those details. An interviewer does not have the time to question you about all things written on your resume. So generally, they will ask you the most important 2-3 things that they are looking for. If you have listed all your skills on the resume, they will surely get the attention of the interviewer.

Resume Builds Your First Impression

“The First Impression is the Last Impression.” This saying is cent percent true for resumes too. In numerous resumes lying around, if your resume is the one that the interviewers pick, then spending time on creating a resume is worth it. Most of the resumes are full of text and usually face rejection, so to create a good first impression, remember to build a simple and engaging resume.

Resume Summarizes Your Career Aspiration

A well-written summary or the objective section at the top of the resume can help the interviewer judge your vision and mental capability. Most people use the simple copy-paste formula in this section which leads to the rejection of their resume. Writing the actual aspirations you have and telling about the training, internships, and projects that you have worked on will be most beneficial for you.

Writing Your First Resume? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Building your first resume can be exciting and challenging at the same time. If it is your first resume, you most probably are a student which means you have no professional experience. Do not worry about it though, like you, everyone has gone through the same situation in their lives. The most important thing before you start working on your resume is to go through these following steps:

  • Study the Need of The Recruiter

Go through the job post of the recruiter and check what exactly is the job profile. Then study what are the skills required for that job and what is the actual work that the people who have that job profile do. It is necessary to keep all these things in mind while you write your resume.

  • Collect Information About the Employer

Before you go and sit in the interview room, make sure you know all about your employer beforehand. If it is an MNC, then find about its headquarters, the founders, and what is the role of that particular company.

  • Pick the Right Resume Format

Check out the several resume formats available online and see which one will suit you the most. As this is your first resume, so there won’t be much to write about professional experiences. So pick a resume format that highlights more about the skills and education and the sections that you can fill out with ease. Remember, your resume must look engaging so do not just stuff in the information and keep it concise.

  • Gather All Your Achievement Certificates

Over the years, there would be many accomplishments that you might have achieved. Gather all those certificates and analyze which of them are worth mentioning in the resume and are the most significant if you were asked to show them during the interview.

Additional Tips Required For Writing Your First Resume

You should be very careful while writing your first resume and you will have to make sure that the resume is free from any errors and mistakes. Here are some of the Do’s and Dont’s that you must follow for building a resume for freshers.


  • List the Most Impressive and Relevant Skills First: The motive of conducting the interview is that recruiters need people with a required set of skills for their organization. Keep this in mind and enlist those skills first that the interviewers are looking for. Also, mention any other skills that you think makes you unique among the other candidates.

  • Encapsulate Your Resume in a Single Page: Though different people give different advice, but it is best if your resume can fit into a single page. When interviewers are looking for a suitable candidate, they do not need pages of history about them. All they require to know is that if the person has a suitable skill set for the job and the personality to carry the responsibilities.

  • Include Your Soft Skills: Apart from looking at the technical knowledge you have about the profile, the one thing that is interviewers notice in all interviews is your soft skills. Your communication skill thought process, problem-solving approach and teamwork ability are the most required asset in a workplace and hence all recruiters are always searching for people with fabulous soft skills.

  • Proofread Your Resume: A small grammatical or typing mistake found in your resume can lead to losing the job opportunity for you. Having a mistake in the resume shows your negligence and gives the impression that you aren’t detail-oriented. So once you complete the resume, do proofread it. Also, for more accuracy, have a friend proofread your resume. A fresh eye can pick more errors than you.


  • Get Too Creative With Your Resume: The objective of the resume is to know about you and unless you are a fashion student or in a creative field, avoid going too far with your creativity. Picking an eccentric format / fonts, etc. for the resume in an attempt to do something out of the box could easily be the reason for your rejection even before the first round.

  • Get Personal With the Resume: There is no need for you to put personal information like your height, weight, preferences, etc., unless asked for. It just takes space and has little relevance for the recruiter.

  • Inconsistent in the Content: Students often make this mistake of being inconsistent with the resume’s format. They will be writing in bullet points and suddenly they will jump to some other order while mentioning the other information. This creates a bad impression on the person viewing the resume.

Building your first resume is surely a fun and exciting process. Though you may not be the best in it, but it will make you learn many things. So don’t fret and write what you feel is the best for you to project to the recruiter. Remember to be honest while you write it.

Good Luck!

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