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Quality Analyst Interview Questions in 2022 (with sample answers)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

A Quality Analyst is a responsible role and the demand for it is rising day by day. The Quality Analyst role is vast and varies from company to company. It plays an important role in software companies. As the IT field is increasing, likewise the Quality Analyst demand is increasing. Many people are inclined to this sector that leads to more competition and a smaller number of jobs. This makes it essential to give your best in interviews at any company.

Cracking the Quality Analyst interview is difficult but not impossible. With the right preparation and dedication, anyone can do it and we are here to help you with the preparation for it. Want to know how? Well, we have prepared the most frequently asked Quality Analyst job interview question in IT companies, BPOs, call centers or any other company.

We have all types of Quality Analyst interview questions that an interviewer might ask. From Quality Analyst in BPO interview questions and answers pdf to interview questions for Quality Analyst in amazon, we covered it all here. With this set of questions, you are all set for your interview. All the best!

Quality Analyst Interview Questions (General)

1. What does a Quality Analyst do and its role?

Quality Analysts are mainly in charge of examining the entire process in order to generate a high-quality product. Some firms refer to the QA analyst as a localization specialist or test analyst. Analysts inspect the whole system to ensure that quality requirements are fulfilled at all stages of development. The analyst's primary responsibility is to prevent mistakes and faults from occurring prior to software release.

What does their role consist of?

The quality assurance job description includes human and automated testing as well as problem remedies. A QA analyst, on the other hand, is responsible for reviewing the whole development process in order to produce high-quality software. These are some examples of what a QA analyst is responsible for within the company:

  • Create and carry out software quality assurance test programmes.

  • Ensure that quality objectives are satisfied throughout the requirements analysis, development, and deployment processes.

  • Identify and assess faults early in the development process.

  • Recommend and monitor repairs and other preventative steps to ensure that quality requirements are met.

  • Create and evaluate statistical data, customer complaints, and other sorts of information for system and policy innovation.

  • Collaborate with the quality assurance engineer to create quality assurance methods, corporate policies, and regulatory needs.

In layman's terms, a QA analyst is concerned with quality management and regulatory compliance. The analyst might be wrong. They make sure everything is according to the quality guidelines so as to achieve efficiency and the standards of the company as well.

2. What technical skills a Quality Analyst must have?

To state yourself as a good analyst, you must have these top technical skills. After checking all these technical skills, you will be known as a good Quality Analyst. The top technical skills are:

Strong programming knowledge




Knowledge of software development and application

Software testing strategies

Expertise in IT systems, hardware, networks and companies

Project management and general management

3. What kind of soft skills are required by companies for the post of the Quality Analyst?

Soft skills are a prerequisite by various companies, be it freshers or experienced individuals. Here are some soft skills that a Quality Analyst must have and in an interview, he/she must highlight them for better performance:

  • Detail-oriented

  • Organized

  • Meticulous

  • Creative in approaching problems

  • Problem-solving

  • Analytical skills

  • Team player

  • Strong interpersonal skills

4. What is the distinction between QA and software testing?

QA (Quality Analyst) is responsible for monitoring the quality of the "process" used to create the software. While software testing is the process of ensuring that the functioning of the finished product fits the needs of the user.

Quality Analyst interview questions in the call centre

1. If you had to hire a person for the job of a Quality Analyst in the call centre, who would you look for? What qualities should they possess?

The answer to this question needs to be very precise and smart. You need to subtly mention qualities that you possess and tell them you are a perfect candidate for this job.

2. What did you dislike about your last or current job as a call centre Quality Analyst?

While answering this question, make sure you don’t keep venting about it or just keep saying the negative aspects of the job. Don’t be too harsh about the company or job. Be practical and mention the thing that they can improve as well.

Sample answer:

They weren’t giving me opportunity enough for me to grow or take my career to next level. Here you are emphasizing the positive, but still covering the negative part of the job that you least liked. Be subtle and precise

3. What experience do you have in this field of call centre Quality Analyst?

Discuss particular work-related experiences relevant to the position you're looking for. Check to see if the experience is relevant. Don't bring up past experience that is unrelated to the role at hand. If you lack particular career-related experience, discuss past experience that has helped you build the specific knowledge and abilities necessary for the position you are applying for.

If you think any past experience isn’t relevant but the skills for a particular part of that job can enhance your chances then do talk about that and put emphasis on the skills.

Amazon Quality Analyst interview questions

Amazon is a multi-national technology company that is into e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. A job of a Quality Analyst is a big part of amazon as most of its functions involves software and technical stuff. But getting a job as a Quality Analyst at amazon isn’t easy but with the right preparation and guidance, anyone can crack the interview. We have shortlisted some of the frequently asked amazon Quality Analyst interview questions. After thorough research and talking to various hiring managers, here are some:

1. How much experience do you have in creating a quality assurance manual?

Professionals in quality assurance are required to generate and apply formal written documentation. You need to tell your part that you played in the conception and development of a QA manual and the key to structure this answer is by taking the interviewer through your steps:

  • Examine and evaluate existing methods

  • Identify any changes or updates that are needed and formalize the processes

  • Get authorization for the manual

2. How do you intend to interact with your team members?

There's a good chance I won't be the only one on the team. Dealing with team members may be tough and unpleasant at times. There will be squabbles and misunderstandings, and some will try to ignore the other. But my goal is to see beyond all of this. We are a group, and we must work together to achieve a shared objective. I'll be polite and ask them over for coffee. I will be cooperative and will make sure that the line of communication is smooth without any disruptions.

3. When, in your opinion, is the best moment to begin QA in a project?

According to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the Testing phase occurs after the 'Implementation and Coding' phase is completed. However, in today's environment, in order to obtain the greatest outcomes, the QA of the project or product must begin at the beginning of the project.

Following this technique will result in the following key benefits:

  • Early process planning is required to satisfy the quality expectations of the customer.

  • Communication between teams that is open and honest.

  • Allows for plenty of time for setting up the testing environment.

  • Allows for the assessment and approval of test plans at an early stage.

4. What are the many forms of software testing?

  • Unit testing

  • Integration testing and regression testing

  • Shakeout testing

  • Smoke testing

  • Functional testing

  • Performance testing

  • White box and Black box testing

  • Alpha and Beta testing

  • Load testing and stress testing

  • System testing

Interview questions for Quality Analysts in BPO

1. Describe your quality auditing experience. What audits have you carried out? What were the audit's objectives? How did you get ready for it?

The planning and preparation for a quality audit are critical to ensure the audit's efficacy. How did you keep track of the audit findings? How did you keep track of the remedial actions?

2. Describe the advantages of Destructive Testing?

Destructive testing is a type of testing performed by a quality assurance team to discover the point of failure of a product under varied loads, i.e. to analyze the material structural performance to determine its strength, toughness, hardness, or robustness.

The following are the advantages of destructive testing:

  • The application's design flaw is identified.

  • Determine the application's service life.

  • It aids in the reduction of expenditures and failure.

Hope the article helps you with the preparations. Once ready, you'll need a really good resume to beat the competition. And, for that, you can use the services of the best resume writing service in India.

Disclaimer – The names of companies and brands used in this blog are only for reference. Please refer our terms and conditions for more info.

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