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‘Project Manager Sample Resume’ And How To Write It

Updated: May 30, 2022

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.” ~ Joy Gumz

If you are looking for an opening for the post of a project manager, the good news is - there are numerous high paying jobs out there for you.

Project managers are a bridge between different hierarchies of an organization. It’s one position that is responsible for all the successful planning, design, monitoring, execution, and closure of a project. Project managers are expected to ensure minimum uncertainty and control risk factors.

Fortunately, there is a huge demand for a skilled Project Managers. Construction, architecture, information technology, petrochemical, and many other industries that deal with products and services have openings for PM.

Generally, the larger the firm, the bigger the paycheque.

But, bagging a world-class job is never easy, after all, there is cutthroat competition out there. Along with great skills, you need a good resume.

For an interviewer, a resume is the first introduction of your skills and personality. And, there will be a pile of resumes, just like yours, that the recruiters have to sift through every single day. The only way to stand out among other applicants is to have an outstanding resume.

So, how do you make an outstanding Project Manager Resume?

CVGUYS.IN explores:

Begin with a careful examination of the Job Description

So, what’s the right way to begin a Project Manager Resume Sample?

The best way to start writing a resume is to carefully read the description and understand the requirements. Start the resume with a tone that matches the mentioned specifications. Your skills have to be tailor-made in accordance to the demand of your job description.

Choose the Right Format

The format of your resume matters. Anything out-of-date and sketchy will destroy your first impression on the recruiter. To present your skill and qualification the right way, it’s necessary to choose a great resume template. Along with a sequenced display of work history, the sectioning part needs to be organized properly.

An obvious choice for most of us is a Functional Resume, but we prefer a Chronological approach which is more readable and can be scanned in one go. Along with good qualifications, your employers also expect to see your work experience and previous responsibilities in the position. Plus, there shouldn't be any unexplained gaps in work history.

Carefully Select The Right Keywords

A lot of companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan the numerous resumes they receive. The system determines whether your skills match the job description. It’s the keywords mentioned in your resume that indicate your project management experience. We, at CVGUYS.IN, ensure that your application has just the right terms so as to ensure that ATS will shortlist it in the first go.

Some commonly used keywords for the position of Project Manager is Analysis, Budgeting, Business Case, Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Impact Assessment, Development and Testing, Process Development, Outcome, Procedure, Quality Control, Project Life Cycle, Scheduling and planning, and Resource Allocation.

Highlight Your Achievements

In comparison to other top positions, the project managers have the most quantifiable responsibilities. So, why not highlight it in the resume?

Timeline, milestones, and budget – ring a bell?

What you achieved within the given time and budget constraints is a reflection of your capabilities and strengths. So, go ahead highlight them.

Instead of the regular ranting of ‘did this’ and ‘did that’, present it in a unique flavor by describing it with numbers and info-graphics. For employers, it's important to know what value (be specific) you added in your previous roles. This gives them a certain indication about the kind of value you can add if they hired you.

Here are some examples:

  • Saved Rs. 8,00,000 in monthly operational cost

  • Developed a database management program within one month

  • Hired and trained a 12-member team for this project

Differentiate The Hard Skills From The Soft Skills

Recruiters look for two different sets of skills in a PM - Hard Skills / Technical Skills and Soft Skills. You need to mention both of these clearly, somewhere on the top of the resume.

Here are some examples:

Soft Skills for a Project Manager

  1. Presentation and public speaking

  2. Allocating resources

  3. Critical thinking

  4. Problem-solving

  5. Conflict resolution

  6. Adaptability

  7. Stress management

  8. Planning

  9. Communication skills

Hard Skills / Technical Skills for a Project Manager

  1. Risk Management

  2. Budgeting

  3. Scheduling

  4. Planning

  5. Monitoring & Evaluation

  6. Project Lifecycle Management (PLC)

  7. Financial Modeling

  8. Project Management Software

  9. Programming Languages

  10. Database Management

  11. Microsoft Office

Remember The Basics

Some firms go through hundreds of resumes a day and they are always working under tight deadlines. So, tailored content with the basics in mind will definitely get you through. Remember to ‘Keep It Short and Simple’ or ‘KISS’.

Consider A Summary

Curating a summary will be helpful in positions where you are applying for a different sort of project. Writing a brief description will relate your previous skills to the upcoming goals. Something like:

“Product-Driven Project manager with 5 years of experience. Looking forward to being a part of the tech space. All set to leverage tracking, extensive budgeting, and training skills to drive a successful operation.”

Section Heading Should Be Readable

Section heading makes your resume more readable. Your sub-section can be experience, education, technical skills, future Goals, Etc. Center, underline, bold each heading to achieve a distinctive look.

Make It Error Free

What most of us forget while editing a resume – is the more you edit, the more is the chances of error in it. And, after reading the same document again and again, it gets harder to catch small errors, misplaced commas, sentence formation and so on.

Get a second pair of eyes, i.e. asks someone else read it for you.

If not, set it aside for a day and give a read with a fresh mind.

When you are writing a resume, it's easy to get overwhelmed as you are constantly processing information and ideas.

We conclude with a ‘Sample Project Manager Resume’.

Wish you success!

CVGUYS.IN is one the best professional resume writing services in India.

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