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How to prepare for IT Architect Interview Questions in 2022 (with sample answers)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

IT Architect Interview Questions

Before we jump into the questions asked in an IT Architect Interview, let's first be clear who an IT Architect is what he or she does?

An IT architect is a technical professional who creates solutions for businesses and companies at a high level. These high-level solutions are designed for systems, applications, IT infrastructure etc. The job of an IT Architect is very niche and requires an ability to look at the big picture. The demand for IT architects has been rising over the years in almost every country. With the increase in demand, the number of potential candidates has also increased which has made the competition tougher. There are multiple roles IT architects play including Data Architect, Technical Architect, Cloud Architect and so on.

Now, while you prepare for an interview in this area, you would want to prepare for the kind of questions you can expect during an interview. We have shortlisted some of the common and important questions that recruiters ask. Moreover, the sample answers for interview questions are also given so you can prepare and hopefully, ace the interview to get the job of your dreams. Keeping in mind the various fields of IT architect, we have compiled 27 IT architect interview questions that include AWS Associate interview questions, Enterprise Architect interview questions, Net Architect interview questions, SAP Technical Architect interview questions, Azure Architect interview questions, Cloud Architect interview questions and many more.

One of the key things to keep in mind is to remember the right techniques and use them in a smart manner that impresses the recruiter. Be confident and provide accurate information in the interview. Highlighting your past achievements and things related to the job description will set a good impression.

Here is a list of IT Architect interview questions and answers.

1. What are the duties of an IT Architect?

An IT architect bridges the gap between technological solutions and commercial concerns. The interviewer will test your understanding of the duties of solution architects in this section.

Tip 1: Describe the numerous functions that a solution architect plays.

Tip 2: Keep it brief but not at the expense of key information.

Sample answer:

An IT architect leads and works to integrate IT systems so that they can meet the needs of the enterprise. The architect evaluates system design and works with IT development and project management teams to improve the architecture.

IT architects’ mentor and oversee developers, as well as troubleshoot technical difficulties as they arise. Furthermore, they examine project restrictions in search of alternatives, due process re-engineering as needed, and mitigate risks."

2. In your past work experience, was there any challenge that you faced? If yes, tell in brief and how did you address it?

In this question, the recruiter will look for the qualities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and how you handle the situation when under pressure.

To ace, this question, answer the question by providing a challenge that shows your ability to be the best when it comes to dealing with situations that went out of hand but you handled it on time. Secondly, portraying your efficiency in addressing the situation is the best way to answer it.

3. Which part of the job is challenging for you?

In this question, the interviewer wishes to know your weaknesses and will ascertain whether you are a good fit for the job or not. It also tests if you are a person that is always up for taking challenging tasks. To answer it most effectively, give the interviewer a context that IT architects find very challenging. Tell the recruiter the reason behind it and how do you plan to take the challenge if given an opportunity. Along with this, the solution provided by you should be used to overcome the challenge and practical.

4. Which highly innovative solution have you ever created as a DevOps Architect?

Here the interviewer wishes to assess your creativity, innovativeness and how fast you are at ideating. This also tests your proactiveness. To ace this question, one needs to be attentive about their surroundings. Providing an innovative idea or any application you came up with will be a good answer for it. Moreover, explaining it in detail including the complex aspects in an easier way to facilitate understanding will help you to get an edge over the others.

For instance: in my previous job, I came with an AI calendar app that suggests dates and times based on the reminders you have set. It adjusts time according to other schedules and prepares a to-do list.

This is among the most interesting DevOps Architect interview questions.

5. What qualities, according to you, should an IT architect have?

In this question, the interviewer is checking if you are aware of the topics required for the particular job or not. This tests your researching, observing and analyzing skills. To answer this question, give several qualities that an IT architect should possess. Moreover, be crisp and concise with your answer. Give one-two liners in between stating how you possess all of these qualities.

For instance: "The work of an IT architect necessitates outstanding communication skills as well as a strong technical foundation." Solution architects should have a broad knowledge of various systems and their architecture. A solution architect should be able to define the behaviour, features, structure, and other parts of applications.

They should also be able to assess technological surroundings and enterprise details. They should also be persuasive, have strong bargaining abilities, and be able to work well with others."

6. How can you communicate solutions to customers who don't understand or agree with your assessment?

Here the interviewer is looking at your communication skills. Like any employee, one should be able to communicate solutions, and sort problems out if any between their team members and customers. It is essential to be a team player. To answer this question, provide the recruiter with a concise answer. It shouldn’t be twisted or made up like a story. Along with this, answering steps to the customer, so that it is easy to communicate with the other person and any misunderstanding is avoided.

7. According to you, what all is there in the daily routine of an IT Architect?

This question is to judge whether you are aware of the day-to-day activities of an IT architect. It also tests if you are aware of the job description that you are applying for. To answer this question effectively, describe in a concise and well-mannered way the day of an IT architect and the daily tasks that are undertaken by the person appointed for this role.

Sample answer:

IT solutions architects' everyday tasks include resolving technical challenges, overseeing and mentoring development teams, and informing stakeholders about the project development process, budgets, and expenses. An IT solutions architect designs and integrate technologies to meet the demands of the enterprise.

8. What security measures do you implement in your solutions as a Data Architect?

Certain security standards should be followed when developing IT systems. The interviewer is interested in whether your technical solutions are secure.

Tip 1: Describe the strategy you use to ensure security.

Tip 2: To give credibility to your response, show that your solutions are safe.

This is an interesting example of Data Architect interview questions.

9. How would you as an IT architect diagnose performance issues?

Poor performance of any employee or team member can cause any loss to the company, its productivity and ultimately lead to poor customer relations which eventually leads to lost revenue. In this question, the interviewer evaluates your knowledge, and skills like critical analysis, problem identifying and solving, communication and leadership skills. Start by identifying and diagnosing the problem in detail. This will help in making the base. Along with this, state different ways that will be possible or happen in performance diagnosis with your approach.

10. In an Amazon Solution Architect interview, if asked a question about scalability, how should it be addressed?

In this question, the interviewer wants to test your ability of how much work can you handle and if there is an increase in the amount of work, what will be your attitude towards it. To answer this question, one needs to be brief and precise with the answer and provide ways In which the scalability is ensured. For example, you can mention developing new codes that are standardized and have patterns. This ensures that IT solutions that are designed can accommodate again.

This is an interesting example of Amazon Solution Architect interview questions.

11. When it comes to handling fault tolerance, how do you handle it?

In this question, first, you need to be clear about what does fault tolerance includes. It consists of the items that make the system work continuously when one or more of its components fail. Here, the interview is checking your ability to handle system failure. What measures will you take? Will you even inform the head or take everything in your hands?

To answer this question, briefly state the method that would approach and explain how will you handle fault tolerance. Along with this, highlight the important points and make sure the emphasis is on them.

12. There are some tools used in the AWS architect solution. What are they and state their significance?

Here the interviewer is trying out your basic knowledge regarding AWS architect solutions and is testing if you are aware of the tools that facilitate the work of an IT solution architect. To answer this question, first of all, one needs to be aware and clear with their basics. State the tools and explain them and their significance in the work. Moreover, if you don’t know all the tools just mention the tools that you know and that’s it.

13. Describe the metrics used to validate a solution's compliance with an enterprise's architecture.

This is one of the solution architect interview questions that many interviewers will most likely ask. In this section, the interviewer assesses your knowledge of the parameters that qualify a solution for enterprise architecture.

Tip 1: Describe the metrics that were utilized in solution validation.

Tip 2: Give your answer weight by quickly expressing your points.

14. How can you make existing software better?

In this question, the interviewer will examine your abilities to enhance a system here. It also tests that how well and efficient you are when it comes to handling software that is existing and how soon you get acquainted with it.

Tip 1: Describe how IT solution architects may improve a system.

Tip 2: Keep your response brief and precise.

Example of an Answer

"Upgrading an old system is one of the most effective methods to improve it." Technology evolves, and for software to stay usable, it should be updated to the most recent version. Another technique to improve a system is to update it.

15. What new standard did you introduce in your previous role? How did you make certain it was adopted? How well are you with adapting to the changing environment?

In this question, the interviewer looks for quality that is flexibility, adaptability. Innovative and out of the box thinking. The interviewer also assesses whether you conform with the industry standards when it comes to planning a project. To ace, this question, always do industry-standard research beforehand. To ensure you conform to the standards, one must be clear about it and provide a viable solution.

16. What is an architectural risk, and how can it be reduced?

In this question, the interviewer will put your knowledge of architectural risk to the test here. To answer this question, one must be clear about the basic concept of risk and accordingly come up with a solution. To answer this question,

Tip No. 1: Identify the architectural danger.

Tip 2: Provide a means for solution architects to mitigate it.

Example of an Answer

"Architecture risk is the probability of an architectural design failing to meet the criteria of a project." This contains inefficiencies and defects that were rejected by sponsors, low-quality designs, and capacity constraints.

By adhering to acknowledged and conventional design techniques and methods in software development, architecture risk may be reduced. Furthermore, appropriately collecting customer requirements will avoid desirability.

17. How does compliance architecture work?

The interviewer wants to know if you are aware of how architecture compliance is ensured. To answer this question, remember these points.

1st Tip: Explain how compliance architecture is addressed.

Tip 2: Make certain that you do not overlook any vital topics.

18. What exactly is the TOGAF framework?

In this section, the interviewer will see if you are familiar with TOGAF. You need to be very clear with the basics of IT solutions architect to answer this question. Tips for answering and how to answer?

Tip 1: Begin by explaining what TOGAF stands for.

Tip 2: Explain TOGAF and its significance.

Example of an Answer

"TOGAF is an abbreviation for open group architecture framework. This is an enterprise architectural technique that provides a high-end foundation for application development. It helps solution architects to methodically arrange the software development process to keep on budget, meet deadlines, and eliminate mistakes.

Businesses utilize TOGAF to connect their IT goals with business goals while also enabling the coordination of IT activities across all departments.

19. What is an AWS Solutions Architect's role in assisting functional analysts?

Functional analysts (FA) and solution architects (SA) frequently collaborate. When asked how you would help FAs, you should presume the interviewer wants you to discuss how you can successfully interact with an analyst.

As an example: "As a solutions architect, I've taken on a leadership position to enhance cooperation and communication in my experience working with functional analysts. I believe it is critical to be personable and to let FAs know that I would assist them in any way I can."

This is among the most frequently asked AWS Solution Architect interview questions.

20. As a solutions architect, what is the most inventive solution you've proposed?

When an interviewer inquires about the unique solutions you've presented, they may want to know your experience with new technologies and how you might use it to aid their firm. The best response outlines a novel solution and how it affected corporate operations.


"When I was working at Copy Company, I was faced with a dilemma with a client who was a creditor." The company's website was created to encourage people to sign up for an account and select the best credit card for their needs.

They intended to incorporate a means for clients to return to a previously seen credit card. I concluded that creating a user interface that allows guests to favourite credit cards would be the best answer. This enabled customers to mark cards that they wished to return to. As a result, the creditor's client base grew."

21. How did you develop your interest in Java architecture and why would you apply for the senior Java Architect position?

In this question, briefly tell the interviewer about the story of how you developed your interest in this field. Be concise and don’t bore the interviewer with a long story. Coming to the next question, it is always better to talk about your qualities and then refer to yourself as a challenging person who is always up to take new tasks every day. This will give you an edge over the others and portray you as a person that everyone can count on. This is one of the most important Java Architect interview questions / Java Architect interview questions, you can be ready for.

22. As a technical architect, how do you plan on delegating tasks amongst your teammates?

This Technical Architect interview question will give the interviewer an insight into your leadership skills, organizational skills and how well of a team player you are. To answer this question, it is always better to have a structure in mind regarding delegating tasks. This will show the interviewer that you are prepared and set a good impression.

23. As a test architect, how would you strike a balance between aesthetic and function?

To answer this Test Architect interview question, highlight your experience and architectural knowledge first then move forward by providing an example.

24. As a UI architect, what are the most significant professional strengths?

When answering this question, we recommend being accurate in your answers by picking up relevant strengths that are the most relevant to the job position. As a UI architect, people skills, creativity, persuasive communication, relationship building are some of the characteristics. Use skills that you have demonstrated as well, in the past and provide examples. This will make the answer effective. This is one of the UI architect interview questions you should be ready for.

25. Tell us about your biggest weakness as a software architect?

No one wants to answer this question because it necessitates a delicate balance between talking about weakness and setting up a good front on overcoming it. You can’t lie in this question, nor give a mainstream answer. As a software architect, one of the best ways to answer this question in interviews is by saying that you are sometimes not able to maintain a work and personal life balance. This sets an impression that you are a workaholic and dedicated to your work which can be an advantage to the organization. Therefore, instead of a weakness, it became a strength. That is how you are supposed to answer. This is one of the most commonly asked Software Architect interview questions.

26. Do you like doing repetitive work if given a position as a Salesforce Architect or Salesforce Technical Architect?

The answer to this question should be yes. But adding to this, do mention that not only you are doing repetitive work but alongside this, you will gain experience and a good salary at the company. This sets an optimistic image in front of the interviewer. Among other Salesforce Technical Architect interview questions, be prepared for this one as well.

After thorough research and talks with the interviewers, we have prepared this set of questions that we feel will help you prepare for an IT Architect interview.

Finally, preparing for an interview isn't end all, be all as there are other factors that are equally important for job interview success. One of them is a top notch resume/CV. If you don't have a CV that sets you apart from the rest of the candidates and you take help from a professional CV Maker. And why settle for just anyone when you can get your resume made by India's top resume writing service.

Wishing you tons of success!

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