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How to create an amazing LinkedIn profile?

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform with over 700 million users in 200 countries. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is an attractive platform where professionals can upload their professional information to showcase their talent, build their professional network and seek work opportunities.

It is a very useful networking tool and also helps to promote your brand as an authority in your domain. And if you are an employer/recruiter then LinkedIn can be a great platform for you as well as you can easily get in touch with potential candidates for your company.

LinkedIn is a platform where you will be found by the targeted companies/employers for sure as they can reach you through this platform.

Benefits of having a LinkedIn Profile:

During these challenging working situations, it has been difficult for job aspirants to approach the targeted companies. Here through LinkedIn, it gets easy for them to reach Human Resources of those particular companies. LinkedIn profile always adds value to your career. All the job aspirants and companies on LinkedIn are for collaboration and brand promotion. This is a platform where people create their profile to connect with professionals.

Why should a working professional have a LinkedIn profile?

  • You can showcase your talent

  • You can increase your reach

  • You can research other business opportunities

  • You get the news and updates related to your profession

  • You can establish your expertise

  • Companies can promote their brands

  • It is the largest business-oriented networking platform

  • Writers can promote their books and articles

  • Recruiters and human resource professionals are on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is a platform of opportunities

Why do you need professional help to develop or create a LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn profile is a showcase of your talent and reflects a lot about your work and profession. If it is not well structured then it will not be able to leave an impression on the recruiters/employers. So, job aspirants must use the experience of professional writers as they know how to build and empower a LinkedIn profile. provides professional resume writing and LinkedIn development services. Where a professional or a job aspirant can easily be benefitted by choosing our services to empower your LinkedIn profile.

Here, at, we understand your profile and create a powerful resume for you along with a solid LinkedIn profile for better opportunities. We as professionals devote our time and efforts to prepare a good LinkedIn profile for you.

If you wish to create your LinkedIn profile, you need to be sure that your profile is well-written, or else, it will probably not get you the desired results.

Let’s figure out how can you create a great LinkedIn profile.

1. Choose the right profile picture

Choosing the right profile picture is the key to an attractive profile as it governs the impression from the very start. Your profile picture should be a recent one & one thing that should be kept in mind is that face should cover the major part of the profile picture and a smile on the face is something that will create a good impression on others.

2. Add a background picture

The second visual content of your profile, this will make your profile more attractive and also provides information about your priorities and personality. So, if you can choose the right background picture then you’ll have the chances to get more attraction.

3. Headline

People often consider that headline of the profile should be a job title which is not mandatory. The header should be more than a job title, it should tell about your, what you are good at, what keeps you going. This helps people to understand what your vision about your job is.

4. Summary

Your summary is a chance for you to tell people your story what you have done or want to do, how to do things, are you orthodox or not. These things help people to differentiate you from others as it not only tells people what you have but how you can use your skills. Don’t just use it to list your skills but to put forward your aspect as well.

5. Making connections

The easiest way to grow your network is to make connections. Make connections to people related to your field. This is very effective because it helps you reach out to those people who are relevant to you and can help to open more dimensions of opportunities.

6. Sharing content & listing your skills

Sharing something will reflect what you are interested in and your point of view which is an essential part when it comes to professional life. Listing your skills will help people to know about what you are good at and the areas you can perform well and can give better outputs.

So, these are the basic points one should keep in mind while creating a LinkedIn profile as it’s one of the most crucial tools which can help you to get desired platforms.

- Shreya Srivastava and the cvguys team

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