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Everything you asked about Amazon Interview Questions in 2022 (with sample answers)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Amazon Interview Questions

Amazon is a worldwide name. Our lives have changed with online shopping and Amazon has made its mark in the market. From online shopping to OTT platform to music platform, amazon has covered it all. It sure is a dream of many people to work on amazon as it is one of the largest online retailers in the world. But many candidates are unaware of what to expect from an Amazon interview. What kind of questions are asked? What answers are expected? How to answer them? Don’t worry, we have created this article to make you aware of what it looks like to get interviewed at Amazon.

If you want to be one of the 2% people to get the job at Amazon, all you have to do is ace your interview round and we are there to back you up and prepare you for the final day. Preparing and memorizing some basic interview questions is not the right way to go for your amazon interview. If you look forward to acing the interview, one has to be prepared for something unexpected, challenging and that is going to be the deciding factor for the recruiter, if you are a good fit or not.

One of the key things to remember is that with the right techniques and overall strategy, handling unanticipated questions is easy. All you need to do is to stay confident and impress the recruiter. Along with this, being in Amazon, one must remember some qualities that mostly the recruiter look for are strong communication skills, negotiation skills, able to work in a big team, analytical and strategic thinker, able to handle work under pressure. Demonstrating these qualities during your interview via your answers or actions will help you stand out from the crowd and get you the job at amazon that you have always dreamt of.

After thorough research and surveys with the recruiters, we have shortlisted some of the common and unexpected questions for you to ace an amazon interview whether it is for Amazon QA interview questions, Amazon Seller Support interview questions or Amazon interview questions for Customer Service.

1. What should I tell the recruiter about myself when asked?

A lot of times, that’s the first question the recruiter asks when the interview is started. Answer this question only if it is asked during the interview. The answer should be a brief and to the point. Tell them a bit about your who you are a person, aspirations, family etc. But be brief.

2. Is it easy to crack an amazon job interview?

It depends on many factors but the major one that decides the toughness of the interview is the amount of hard work one has to put in the preparation of it. The questions asked in the interview vary from easy to medium level depending on person to person.

3. What is the eligibility criteria to apply at amazon? Can I apply for more than one role?

The eligibility criteria at amazon vary from role to role and the position the person is applying for. Along with this, yes, a person can apply for more than one role at amazon. This should depend on the requirements of the job and what you have to offer. If this matches, giving it a shot will not only help you get the experience but can also open the door for an opportunity.

4. Are there any chances if I will be asked any practical questions for my amazon SQL interview?

Yes, along with theoretical questions the interviewer will probably ask practical Amazon SQL interview questions. For instance, a purchase history might be given and the person will have to write a query to retrieve the data with Unique customers Id’s or write a customer histogram SQL query based on the data presented.

5. What kind of qualities are required to be a software development engineer at amazon?

Since Amazon is the largest online retailer, the maximum amount of its work is done online, Therefore, it maintains software’s, websites and many other things that require a workforce. To get a software development engineer job at amazon, one must have technical expertise such as knowledge of various languages, coding that is clear and understandable, efficiency, maintaining an end-user focus, being a fast learner, team player and deadline oriented. All of these qualities are a must in a software development engineer and that is what a recruiter may ask as part of Amazon SDE interview questions, whether for SDE 1 or SDE 2.

6. How do I prepare for a data engineer interview for amazon? What kind of questions are asked and are the rounds easy or difficult?

Keeping your basics clear is the key. Be well acquainted with the job description. As a data engineer, you have to be well-versed with SQL, python, java and other languages that are commonly used. Having the necessary technical skills is a must but along with this, demonstrating skills like never give up attitude, being ready to learn and time management will set a good impression and make you one of the potential candidates for the job. Using all of these tips can help you prepare for the interview well. Along with this, going through the Amazon Data Engineer interview questions will be a good way to prepare. The rounds vary from person to person.

7. Does amazon have a dress code for selling support interviews?

No, amazon usually doesn’t have a dress code but if there is any for the interviews, it is communicated before the interview. But it is always ideal to wear decent clothes that make you look presentable.

8. Can I apply for the position of HR at amazon as a fresh graduate?

Yes, Amazon has a great demand for HR and they usually look for fresh graduates. Even if you don’t have experience, they train you according to the role. All you need to do is keep your resume ready and be prepared for the Amazon HR Interview questions. Going through some well-researched HR interview questions and staying ready for the unexpected is the key to acing the interview.

9. I am a business analyst and I wish to apply at amazon for the same position. As Amazon uses a variety of data modelling, which one is the best to answer?

As a business analyst working at amazon, you need to be good at all the data modelling as it is essential. Apart from this, the most commonly used one is Microsoft excel or Visio for amazon data modelling needs. The preferred data modelling need is mentioned in the job description accordingly and will help you during an Amazon Business Analyst interview.

10. What is the interview process for a customer service associate at Amazon India?

Amazon generally takes customer service associates through campus selections and there are around 4 rounds that consist of a test, email writing, voice test, virtual call centre, two negative statement and personal interviews. It is a long and rigorous process of interviews for which one has to be prepared beforehand. Referring to some Amazon CSA interview questions will also help in the preparations for Amazon India interview questions.

11. Should I ask any questions to the interviewer In my amazon interviews?

It is always nice to ask questions about the company, its culture, work environment, technology and a lot more. If a person has a different question other than this, then it is always better to ask as it shows that you are interested in the company and are looking forward to its development and joining. Along with this, you can also ask the interviewer personal experience at amazon and what skills you must develop before the job.

12. Is it necessary to have a project in Web Development, Android Development, or Machine Learning to be employed at Amazon?

No, only strong problem-solving abilities are necessary for an SDE position at Amazon. Having said that, having a solid project or two on your resume will always gain you brownie points because it indicates that you are referenced and interested in the subject on which you have produced your project.

These were the questions that can help you ace the interview and land you a job at the world’s largest retailer online store, that is Amazon. The key to getting it is to be confident and answer all the questions. From the start to the end, setting a good impression is a must and demonstrating your skills via answers, actions and past experiences is a must.

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