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A great resume in 7 easy steps

A great resume in 7 simple steps

Hey, well done. You’ve done a great job finding an amazing job offer but are you worried about your resume?

A resume is a formal document that summarizes your professional qualifications, such as relevant work experience, skills, education, and notable achievements. A resume, which is usually paired with a cover letter, helps you demonstrate your skills and persuade employers that you are qualified and hire-able.

The goal of your resume is to persuade employers that you are worth an interview by displaying the gamut of your strengths and what you have to offer as not just an employee but also as an individual. To that end, your resume is a useful tool for highlighting your previous work experiences and the entirety of your mental, social capacity to prospective employers.

Creating a resume can be such a painstaking task, especially if you have to create it within 15 mins. Don’t worry, we will guide you step by step on how to make a resume, putting your best foot forward.

We will share some tips and tricks of using Microsoft Word specifically related to resume making to simply streamline the process for your convenience.

So, let's get started!


1) Open MS Word application

2) On the file tab of the ribbon go to the ‘New’ option on the left-hand side

3) You can choose from the thousands of templates built into the program. On the search bar type ‘Resume’ in this case.

4) You can choose the template that suits you the best

5) Your chosen resume template appears as a Word document, ready for you to customize with your own information and experience

Resume Header:

1) Your resume header should have your basic information like your Name, Current Job Title, Email, Phone No., LinkedIn profile etc., just basic pieces of information which indicate your details on the first glance.

Resume Objective:

1) Write ‘Objective’ or ‘Summary’

2) As it's a section title, the font should be a little larger than the rest of the text to increase visibility and lay literary emphasis on the same

Experience Section:

1) Double Space from the last line and add the section title i.e., Experience.

2) Section titles should always be larger than the rest of the text and should preferably be in bold.

3) Under the experience section write about all of your job experiences till date and also write the time period of work along with it so the employer can analyse the full scope your abilities

4) This section is inherently a crucial one because it lets the employer know how much strain you can work under, what all potential departments you fit into at work and how what’s your area of expertise

Education Section:

1) Using the same rules, add the ‘Education’ section.

2) Your education section should have your class 10th and 12th percentage and year of passing followed by the name of your college and the date you graduated.

3) This section might not make or break your chances of impressing the employer but it can definitely give extensive clarity to him/her understanding your underlying educational background

Skills section:

1. Use the same format for this section as you did for the above-mentioned ones

2. This section calls you to put all your skills on paper, point-wise

3. Things that can be included are your power of conviction and will to negotiate, strategic planning and much more

4. The key to ace this section is to understand the job description and write how your own skills resonate with the employer’s needs

5. You might feel the need to mention every skill of yours but it is imperative to stay relevant to the cause, adding skills that have no use in the current job will exponentially decrease visibility

Additional sections:

  1. This section is not mandatory but will add a dynamic aspect to your resume

  2. This section accounts for the perfect opportunity to mention all your added miscellaneous achievements, skills, languages you might know etc

  3. Treat it like a section where you can get creative as it is not bounded

  4. The most common and relatively relevant section would be your interest section. This section should signify who you are a person and what you like to do for fun in your leisurely time. Any employer would love to see a candidate who is not just about all work and also takes out time to do other things in life.

By now you’re done completing the bits and pieces of your resume and that last step is to bind all of these separate entities together. Weaving a story is the crux of a resume. It should be concise and crisp but also beautifully transitive and relevant. Never undermine yourself while making your resume but also never over shine in places where it is unwanted. The employer always wishes to see something just right and is almost never looking for unnecessary content.

Another aspect of resume making is the presentation that you choose to go through with. With a neat look and appropriately bolded text, you can make an impact on the employer instantly. Wishful thinking should never come in between showing the employers that you are perfect for the job and would act as an asset if given the humble opportunity of working with them.

Use pertinent font styles and font sizes to fit the content of your resume well. Ms word has plenty to choose from. Make sure you always add a hint of your own vibrant personality on the way. A boring resume is always at a lower pedestal of potential as compared to one which has a balance of work skills and extracurricular fun.

Resume template tips

  1. Keep the content to the point

  2. Always proofread to evade any errors and literary fallacies

  3. Give your resume a name

  4. Don't use a lot of fancy fonts and colors - simple is ideal

  5. After you are satisfied with the resume, save it as a PDF and you’re ready to woo any employer

See? the process of making your resume with MS Word is just a matter of minutes. It is simple and efficacious and gives brilliant, fool proof results. So, continue writing and excel at all your endeavors.

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