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Before we answer that question, let’s first understand “What is a company profile?”

A company profile or a corporate profile is the formal description of your business that is written, designed and presented in a manner that can explain to the reader important information about your company. Just as you have a social profile on the social media platforms, the organization profile is more focused on a formal presentation of your company whether it is on a website or in the form of a document or even in the form of a video. It is made to present information like your products, services, vision, mission, key personnel, address, contact info, what the company does, how it does that, company’s growth since inception and much more. 

Your corporate profile is the foremost thing that people are keen to see to make their first impression of how good or bad your company is. The 'about us' section on most websites or your company’s page on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter etc. tries to explain this in detail. Even though this profile is meant to cover all the important aspects of the business, it should be formed creatively. When on one hand, too much information can always turn things boring, a short profile with too little info can leave the reader or viewer disengaged. Quite a few companies don’t pay enough attention to such an important part of their public image, and some don't find it necessary. The importance of a business profile can’t be stressed enough. 

Company Profile: How to Create One?

Think of it as your company’s resume. Capture all the crucial information about your company like a proper introduction, history, products, services, strengths, vision, mission, values. You can use some infographics, graphs, charts to present data in an easy to understand format. Framing a Company profile can be a difficult task regardless of how you look at it. One way could be to go overboard by writing pages and pages of text and adding anything and everything that comes to your mind. The better way, though, is to take enough time to plan and visualize what should be covered, how it should be covered, the length of the document you want and the kind of visual elements you should use. Make notes and discuss the strategy with someone you can trust. Visualize it from the perspective of your readers which can often be your clients.

Now, let’s go step by step as to what forms an integral part of your company profile.

1. INTRODUCTION - Begin your company profile with an intro to your firm. Make sure the information provided in the introduction is up to date. Important points that are to be presented in it-

· Company name

· Established date

· Director/s or Partners or Proprietor

· Other important personnel

· Company Vision (Vision Statement)

· Company Mission

· Company Culture

· History

2. INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES - This section is very important as it needs to intrigue and connect with your client and make them need to peruse on. This section clarifies to your potential clients that you offer products and services that they are looking for. If you miss any of these important points there are high chances of your profile to turn them off and you will probably lose them before they even meet you. Below listed points will be handy when you start writing this section (maybe different depending on your business type. Some may not apply to your corporate profile):

· Description of your product/service

· Industry information

3. HIGHLIGHTS, ACHIEVEMENTS, AWARDS - It’s always great to highlight your achievements, as it’s the milestones that you have achieved with your hard work and it is also the reward of your status today in the industry. Noted below are some points that you should never forget to add to your corporate profile.

· Awards

· Accolades

· Certificates

· Honours

· Special programs and projects

· News or media recognition

4. CONTACT INFORMATION - Make sure your contact info like your official email, phone number, fax, physical address etc. is captured clearly as this is how any outsider can reach out to you regarding connecting with you professionally or for joining your team.

How to create a company profile - CV Guy

Photo by Benjamin Child 

Other things to remember when creating a perfect company profile


1. Narrate your history - It’s always interesting to know the initial ideation and hustle that you went through in building your business. It always catches the attention of the reader about how your company came into existence. No matter how old your institution is, you will always have a story to narrate behind its existence. Briefing your history will highlight your origin and the roots from where you are bound.

2. Showcase your employee/s - Your employees always have a lot to say about you, and they humanize the insights of your business. So, having them in your profile, and giving them a decent space tells how much you value your people. It will always have a positive impact on the exterior. Adding it will give positive vibes about your company through the profile.

3. Mention client testimonials - Reviews are what your clients or the people who have interacted with your business think about your company. Adding them will make your profile stronger in terms of building trust. It is an important aspect to have.


4. Some trivia can also help strike a chord with the reader like how you came up with your venture's name, how you decided to start the business and what inspired you and so on. People love getting internal impressions. It resembles being welcomed in the company.

5. How you do what you do is significant at times if you have an interesting process you are comfortable sharing with the world. Here is the place where your audience can check whether what you offer and the qualities you pronounce have a match, as well.  

6. A summary can always put the reader at ease, the one who doesn’t want to read the entire thing. You may even choose to show your gratitude towards your employees, partners, clients etc.

Company Profile – Do’s and don’ts

A Professional company portfolio is highly capable of building your company’s image. So, it is very important to make it as effective as possible. And to resonate with your clients there are some dos and don’ts that you need to take care of-



· The language should always be easy to understand and precise so that the message is clear to the client.

· Make the profile highly informative, to gain the interest of your audience.

· State clearly what you stand for as in, your vision & mission statement and the company values.

· Also add your core values and goals that are to be achieved.

· Always proofread your it before publishing as the profile should be correct when it comes to grammar, spellings and punctuation.

· Always take time while forming your business portfolio. With extensive research and studying the industry make sure to make your profile with the best viewpoint.

· Have a call-to-action segment in the profile to get the reader to take some action that is favourable to you like putting a ‘Talk to us now’ button.



· Don’t make the profile fictitious; it should be in factual form and also imparting detailed information to the client.  

· Elongated content is a big no. Try and have important key points, with the shortened briefing. Keep it concise.

· You can always get inspired by your competitor but copying them will never let you succeed. Avoid creating a profile similar to your rivals in the industry.

Key Features of a Company Profile

Some important aspects that you should never forget to include in your corporate profile-


- Consider your client’s perspective : You should have complete knowledge about your client to make this profile highly engaging by addressing their needs. 

- Consider all possibilities : Clearly defining your future goals and objectives in your profile states that you have a plan. This is an important aspect that you should include in your company profile and helps in giving a clear insight to the stakeholders.

- Visually and aesthetically appealing : Your corporate profile is just like your resume and it should be visually appealing to attract the attention of your clients. Give them as much as you can to let them know you better. And always specify your commitments to society, your employees as well as your stakeholders.

- Encouraging and reassuring the clients  : The profile should act as a commitment, a motivation that will encourage your clients to work with you and make future deals easy.

The importance of company profile for brand development

 Building a business profile is similar to making a corporate identity and also analyzing your competitive differentiation in the industry. The main reason for this is that it builds up a business or a brand's strong presence to acquire expected possibilities and customers. The importance of having a professional company profile is listed below:

- It is significant because it increases the possibility of getting more business.

- It encourages expected clients to think about the company if they are searching for a particular item or administration. 

- It can be a guide for a company's development and keep it thriving. 

- It gives an overall thought regarding all its factual data like qualities, target clients, and a lot more.

Benefits of using a professional for writing a company profile


A professionally written business profile will always highlight your company's details in the best possible way, seeing the industry that your business is associated with. Crafting content that is highly informative and capable of convincing for your clientele, is what CV Guys can offer your company. Our writers have the expertise to craft a stellar corporate profile for you that persuades your potential customers to do business with you.

We have a specialist team of writers who have obtained thorough training. Our writers have been writing corporate profiles for a while now. We thus reassure you of multiple benefits. 


Some of the notable benefits that we offer are:

1. Engaging profile creation: We gain a deeper understanding of your business and understand your business model, your competencies and your strengths which are highlighted appropriately in the profile. After going through a company profile, your audience would build a natural affinity towards your business. We take all possible steps to write the profiles which engage every reader.


2. Conveying your message unambiguously: Your professional profile must convey a clear message to describe the nature of your company's operations. Our writers ensure that the profile they write is reader-friendly and easily understood. The writers ensure the selection of appropriate words and the key phrases in profiles which are indeed essential to speak volumes about what you are good at. In addition to that, our writers always adopt writing styles and graphic elements that are easy to comprehend.


3. Creating a solid first impression: We make sure that the company profiles that we prepare are capable to send positive vibes to potential and existing clients. They always aim at turning your profile into the ultimate tool of communication.

What do customers say about our services?


Our customers, that include a wide range of companies, have always preferred us to write their company profiles. They have shown trust in us time and again and we never fail to impress them. 

Need our help in making your Company Profile?

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    It goes for all countries, not just Canada. The systems, processes and standards vary from one country to another. If you are looking for a sample Canadian Style Resume Format, please click on the link.
  • What elements should I include in my resume for Canada and what to exclude?
    Your basic details along with relevant educational qualifications, skills and expertise should be primarily placed. Apart from that, one can include hobbies/interests depending upon the requirements.
  • I’ll be graduating this year and looking for a job in Canada. Which format is suitable?
    You should go for a Hybrid or Functional resume. You can check about these resume style formats for Canada.
  • What are your charges for resume writing for Canada?
    The best part about our pricing is that we don't have different pricing for different countries. So whether you are from Canada or USA or UK or Australia or UAE, the pricing is simple. Plus, our resume writing services are quite affordable and give maximum mileage to every rupee you spend. Check our the price for your resume.
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    Sloppy or disorganized resumes give a negative impression to recruiters. In Canadian resume style, generic resumes too don't get much mileage. The resume should be simple, organized and nicely structured.
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