Write for us as a guest blogger

Are you someone who writes / intends to write some high-quality articles and has some great ideas backed by subject matter expertise?

Welcome to CVGUYS.IN

You can write as guest bloggers with us, apparently within the categories that are of interest to us. We are very interested in content related to the following categories:

  • Careers

  • Job Hunting

  • Resume / CV

  • Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Personal Bio

If you don’t know already, here’s how you benefit from guest blogging.

Guest blogging helps you create visibility and build your online presence through solid content marketing techniques, thereby pushing more traffic to your website in the process. 


Sounds interesting? Great.

Here’s a simple process to submit your guest post / article:

  1. Send across a pitch, to cvguys.com@gmail.com, with the caption / subject “Guest Blog Pitch for CVGUYS.IN”. The pitch should give us an idea of what you wish to write about. The pitch is not the article itself. You may write / share your article once we approve the pitch;

  2. Your Full name, Email, Website / Blog URL, LinkedIn Profile and Gravatar Account URL (Create one if you don’t have it already)

  3. A short bio along with a short pitch explaining why you are a great match, as a guest blogger, with CVGUYS

Here are the pre-requisites to submit your pitch and article to CVGUYS.IN:

  • The article should be between 800-200 words;

  • The content should be original and fresh. We check the content for plagiarism and will reject anything that’s less than 100% original. No spin-offs are accepted;

  • It should not promote any brand, person etc. and should not be targeted at self-marketing;

  • We do not republish anything. So, if your content has been published elsewhere, it will not be considered;

  • You may include graphics, images, screenshots, illustrations and / or graphics only if you have the copyrights;

  • Please attribute appropriate references / credits / acknowledgement for content that requires referencing;

  • Please proofread the article before submitting. It should be free of any grammar or spelling mistakes;

  • Write a 3-4 line author bio. You can insert up to 2 links in your bio. One to your website and another to your LinkedIn account URL. No links are allowed in the article / post.

  • We screen all the content for quality and grammatical errors. You authorize us to make some edits, where we deem fit;

  • We only give ‘nofollow’ links;

  • Please don’t write to us for the purpose of link building. We don’t accept such articles;

  • You should be willing to engage with us and our audience (by replying to their comments) after we publish your post;

  • We reserve the rights to edit / remove any part of the content or links given in the content. By submitting the article / post you agree that CVGUYS.IN has the exclusive rights to the content. In other words, the article published on CVGUYS.IN will be considered the original article if you would like to include links to the article on your social media accounts and elsewhere


Please email your pitch to cvguys.com@gmail.com.

We will reach out to you, typically, within 2-4 days if we like your pitch wherein we will request for a complete first draft. If you don’t hear from us in 1-2 weeks, we probably didn’t want to proceed with the idea further.

Look forward to your pitch!