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How to write a School Teacher Resume?


It’s not easy to write the perfect Teacher resume, but we share some tips to make it look like a walk in the park.

Professional Summary / Objective

Writing this section can be easy for some while it can be a daunting task for the others as it requires a good amount of introspection. ‘Professional summary’ and ‘Objective’ serve a similar purpose and are often used interchangeably in resume writing. However, the objective is used when you don’t have any prior work experience and it describes your career goals and how they align with the employer’s goals. Professional summary, is used by experienced professionals and it focuses on your experience, achievements, and abilities.


Regardless of which you are writing, it should be described in about 2-3 sentences. Avoid using bullet points and use sentence fragmentation as opposed to long sentences.

A professional summary can be used as an excellent tool to convey the gist of your professional expertise on the resume for teachers in Indian format. It can also be used to give a brief insight into your ideology, beliefs, attitude, and principles.

Qualifications and Certifications

If you are fresh out of college, it’s best to focus on your qualifications and achievements. On the other hand, if you have plenty of experience, it’s best to focus on your skills along with your qualifications.

Work Experience

Use action verbs when writing your work experience. A lot of us make the mistake of just writing phrases like ‘Parent-teacher meetings’ which can be a bit ambiguous to some. Instead, write something like ‘Managed the arrangements and execution of parent-teacher meetings’, as it uses action verbs and is easy to understand. The latest experience should be mentioned higher, followed by the previous one and so on in the Indian teacher resume and even for other countries.

And, if you are applying for your first job, keep the focus on your abilities, educational achievements and skills.


Focus on skills

It is essential for any job applicant to showcase his / her skills. Most teachers are expected to have these skills: Engaging sessions with kids, Record-keeping, Classroom management, Critical thinking, Communication skills, and Problem-solving attitude.

Other than these, you can mention your expertise areas or some awards/recognition, some seminars or training programs that you attended.

Explain your achievement or state the outcome of the situation you handled effectively.

Designing the Resume

After getting the content ready choose a neat, uncluttered design for the resume.

A lot of people go wrong here as they end up cramming too much information in too little space and that too in an unorganized manner. This will leave the recruiter struggling to find relevant information, even if the content is good. A resume format for teachers in India is given below for reference.

Then, some go with too little content and try to fill up the space by increasing the font size. This doesn’t help either. You’ve got to have some information that is relevant to your potential employer, even if you are fresh out of college. This may include your education, co-curricular activities, achievements, personality traits, contact information and a brief objective explaining why you think you’d be a good teacher.


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