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There are several contradictory recommendations available no matter which resource or website/blog you refer.
Should you limit it to a single page or add another page? 
Do you include a summary at the top? 
Do you mention personal hobbies and volunteer work in your resume? 
And, the question that is truly troubling you. How can you make it stand out, especially when the recruiting manager is inundated with applications? 

These are some questions that every fresher has in his mind while making a resume. As a recently graduated student from high school or university, it is essential to have a resume that highlights your skills, strength and work experience most crisply and effectively that makes you stand out from the other applicants. 
As a fresher, with little or no work experience, it makes it even more important to look after the assets as a person and emphasize the skills that you believe you have to offer for this position. This helps in making up for your lack of experience and moving the focus from this to your assets that are skills & strengths. 
To get a job, one major secret that every fresher should know is you don’t have to show every experience. What matters is the relevant experience and the way you portray them. Building an outstanding CV for freshers is the best chance to make a good first impression and land you an interview or job of your dreams. It is all about leaving a strong impact and that is what CV guys is known for. In this article, we will guide you to make a resume that will help you stand out from 1000’s of applicants. 


1. Resume headline for freshers

With thousands of applications lined up for the recruiter, it is difficult for him to go through every single detail of the resume. To complete the filtration process quickly, the recruiter thoroughly goes through the resume headline. It is a brief statement that summarizes the value you can bring to the job and the position. It is located at the top of your resume under your name and contact information. This makes it even more essential to have an impressive headline that will get you noticed faster and set a great first impression. 
When it comes to fresher, it is important to highlight your internship work that is relevant to the job profile. Along with this, highlighting the attributes that you feel will be a perfect fit for the position will go a long way. One thing to keep in mind is that the resume headline should be concise and to the point. It should demonstrate the reason that makes you the right person for the job. Keeping the headlines capitalized and in bold letters will help you stand out in front of the recruiter.  
Here is an example of a headline that will help you draft your resume in the right manner:
Resume headline for fresher

An honour-roll student with tutoring experience in numerous subjects. 
Keeping it direct is the key to getting an amazing resume headline

2. Career Objective for resume for freshers

This area should convey your objectives of the career and your passion for the role. It should act as a pitch of the resume. It portrays the learnings and outcomes you wish to acquire from this particular role and the major objective behind it. This personal statement should clearly define your desires and wishes from professional work. It is essential to write a personal career objective, state the goals that identify you and what you wish to achieve, action-oriented and directional. All of this will ensure that your career objective stands out the most among other applicants and evaluate your potential work situations along with your future goals. 
Deciding what to include in a career objective can be a huge task. Some of the few elements listed below will help your resume make the process smoother:
a.    Career field
b.    Position title
c.    Skills
d.    Department you wish to work in
e.    Organizational category
Career objective Headline:
A result-driven BBA graduate working as a Marketing intern, having more than 2 years of industry experience possessing time management and leadership skills eager to add value to the growth of the organization by designing an effective campaign. 
Make sure all the elements of the career objective are included and it should be to the point. 

3. Resume summary for fresher

Writing a professional summary can be a confusing and daunting task but it has to be perfect as it conveys your knowledge and seriousness about the role you are applying to. Resume summary states and defines you as a person, professional, career goals and why you are the perfect fit for the position. The summary should be an introduction of you, your skills, and your achievements in your career field. It should be no more than 5 sentences. The language of the objective should be formal.
The key to having a perfect resume summary is to keep it concise, direct and have the relevant information that is required for the desired role. 
Resume summary for fresher examples: 
Marketing graduate with proven experience in planning and coordinating with the heads of the firm. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Creating marketing policies and researching to determine the demand for products and services offered by the firm. A demonstrated track record of exceeding targets and serving customer needs. 
Just summarize what you would like to highlight and you are on the right track to get the perfect resume!


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4. Skills in resume for freshers


This section of the resume plays a main role in showing off the abilities that will be required for the role. It also helps in portraying you as an asset to the company if you have the relevant skills. To ace this section, one should always include both hard skills and soft skills in their resume. It is the right mix of both the skills that the recruiter looks for in the resume.


To help you differentiate between both of them, Hard skills mainly refer to the abilities of the person that is specific to the job/industry. These include technical skills, certifications, courses, training, and experiences. Examples: Accounting, software, SQL, financial modelling, IT skills etc.

On the other hand, soft skills are the abilities that will add more value to the job. It will be applied in any job of any field daily. These are the social skills or people skills that help you adjust to the environment, team members and leadership that will enhance working. Examples: Interpersonal skills, problem-solving, time management, etc.

Highlighting your best skills will help you get the attention of your recruiter. You must write skills that are accurate and backed by certifications and proof.

Skills in resume examples:

  • Adaptability

  • Software development

  • Strategic thinking

  • Project management

  • Global orientation

5. Achievements in resume for fresher

Writing achievements add a plus point to your resume and construct a great resume. It strengthens your abilities. Achievements demonstrate milestones that you have reached with your soft and hard skills. It gives the recruiter a unique insight into your capabilities, interests, knowledge and talents which helps him to judge your performance based on it. As a result, a fresher has to be careful while making a list of achievements as it should be relevant to the job and also helps in assisting the recruiter to judge you properly. 
To clearly state your achievements, one should be clear between the two categories i.e.
1. Personal- these achievements involve the usage of soft skills and enhancing them. Examples: volunteering, receiving awards for being the topper, participating in sporting events, winning competitions etc. 
2. Professional- these are the achievements that are related to the job or use of technical skills in a situation such as maximizing the profit in 2 days, meeting and exceeding the targets etc. 

Even if you don’t have enough achievements, don’t worry. You need to focus on the achievements that will add value to the organization and impress the recruiter. 
•    Achievements in resume examples:
•    Completed 200 hours of work experience
•    Increased sales by 17% over 6 months
•    Graduated with a first-class honours degree
•    Achieved 10 CGPA in my last term of college.
•    Elected class representative
The key to acing this section is to write each achievement that demonstrates a skill. 


6. Strengths in resume for fresher

One of the best ways to show your potential to the recruiter is by writing your relevant strengths. Showcasing strengths in your resume assists the hiring managers to analyze it and seeing what value you can offer to the role and the organization. This also helps them decide if HR should interview you or not. 
An outstanding way to identify your strength in the workplace is by analyzing your achievements, skills and then forming your strengths related to that. This will also act as proof of your strengths and give you an edge over the others. 
The strengths written in the resume should be realistic and reflect your core competencies. Along with the general strengths that every recruiter looks for there should be strengths that are different and makes your stand out from the crowd. The recruiter will be taking many interviews and the secret to getting your dream job is to stand out. How to write strength in CV for freshers is a tricky and daunting task as there might not be enough experience to back those strengths. However, in a case like this one should narrate real-life examples that demonstrate your strengths. This not only sets a good impression but also informs the recruiter of your assets that can come in handy in the job and for the organization which can increase your chances.  
The strength you can write in resume examples:
•    Communications- Good speaker, excellent non-verbal communication, negotiation, persuasive powers etc. 
•    Dependability- Dedication, flexibility, accuracy, attention to detail, focused
•    Analysis or problem solving- Innovation, logical thinking, open-mindedness, judgement etc.
•    Leadership – management, mentoring, motivating, effective planning, team-oriented
•    Technical skills- handling social media, accounting, IT skills, managing data


7. Educational qualification in fresher resume

Educational qualification is critical to share in your resume. When listing education, the order of the educational qualification is important to keep in mind. Listing the highest degree achieved first, followed by a lesser degree and credentials is how the order should be of your education. Along with this, specify the year, the place you have received this degree from and the college or firm name. It is essential to not misrepresent yourself with wrong degrees or certifications. 
Important points to keep in mind while writing your qualification:
•    Keep the font and format of your qualification steady. 
•    Make sure the education qualification doesn’t exceed the page. It should be concise and direct
•    Format should be Degree, name of the university, place, year and CGPA. 
Educational qualification in resume examples:
•    Postgraduate degree in Marketing from Narsee monjee college of commerce, Mumbai with a CIGP of 8.9
•    Undergraduate degree in Banking and Accounting from Lady Shri ram college of commerce, Delhi with a CGPA of 10. 


Finishing touches

The above sections explained in a concise and direct form helps to stand out your resume. One should proofread the resume 2-3 times to ensure there are not any grammatical mistakes and accuracy of the information. 
Along with this, the resume content font size is recommended to be 12, bolding, italicizing, bulleting and line/margin adjusters required wherever necessary will make your resume look appealing and highlight the key points. The resume content should be justified and the overall presentation should be effective. Remember that “less is more”. The information should be to-the-point and crisp. 
With all of these tips, you are all set to make a perfect resume for your first dream job. 

We at CV guys help you make an outstanding resume for the job you have always waited for. We analyze the information provided by you and highlight your strengths in the best possible manner. Our attention to detail helps us portray the information that the recruiter is looking for. We prioritize the keywords according to the job role and makes the resume appealing too. 

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