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Everything you wanted to know about ‘Business Analyst Resume’


We’ve been getting some interesting questions from you. Let’s get you the answers:

  1. Which skills / technical skills of a Business Analyst to mention in the resume?

  2. Business Analyst Roles and responsibilities for the resume?

  3. Can you share some good Business Analyst Resume Summary Examples?

  4. Resume Objective / Career Objective for an entry-level Business Analyst Fresher Resume?

  5. Can you share a Business Analyst Resume Sample for Finance Domain (Banking / Insurance / Wealth Management / Investment Banking etc.)?


Here we go.


Which skills / technical skills of a Business Analyst to mention in the resume?

We divide the skills (read - skills, knowledge and expertise) into 3 major sections: 

  • Analytical, Interpersonal and Soft skills

  • Technical Skills, Tools & Methodologies

  • Domain expertise

Analytical, Interpersonal and Soft skills

  • Business Analysis / Statistical Analysis

  • Written and Verbal Communication

  • Management (Stakeholder, Contract, Time)

  • Solution-oriented

  • Documentation

  • Negotiation

Technical Skills, Tools & Methodologies

While a Business Analyst isn’t expected to have technical expertise in coding etc., a good conceptual understanding of how things work in the tech space and the ability to write SQL queries would help. 

Usage of tools like JIRA, Basecamp, Visio along with techniques like Use cases, User stories, RTM (Requirements Traceability Matrix), etc. is important. Knowledge and understanding of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), business process, PLC (Project Life Cycle), project management, requirement management, designing & development and test cases are very important too.

As for Methodologies, a BA should be well versed in one or more of the following:

  • Agile

  • Waterfall

  • And others like RAD, Prototyping model and so on

Remember, the hiring managers generally prefer the skills section as well as the work experience section to be described in bullet points.

Domain expertise

An experienced BA, having worked in a particular domain like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, and Retail, etc. would carry the expertise in one or more domains. When the HR managers are looking to fill a position, they are typically looking for candidates with some amount of exposure in a particular domain, depending on the project they are hiring for and the level of experience required for the role.


Business Analyst Roles and responsibilities for the resume?

Here are the top responsibilities of a Business Analyst Resume: 

  • Gathering Business Requirements

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Managing Stakeholders

  • Documentation

  • Proposing solutions and getting buy-in from Stakeholders

But when it comes to writing your resume, don’t just write down the list of responsibilities. Instead, try to link each responsibility with how you, in the process of carrying out that responsibility, added value to the company.

Here are some ideas to do that:

  • The time you saved on a project (Time is money, remember?)

  • Productivity you increased (That of somebody else or your own)

  • Awards you won as a result of showing excellence in your job responsibilities

  • Your contribution towards innovation and creativity which led to a direct, measurable value addition to the company


Can you share some good Business Analyst Resume Summary Examples?

Your resume summary, when written in crisp words and meaningful sentences, can add wings to your job search. 

But, before we take an example of a good Business Analyst Resume Summary, it’s important to know what’s not a good one. Here’s one:

“I’m a Senior Business Analyst wanting to utilize experience in business analysis in a challenging environment in order to grow my knowledge and skills”.

Here’s what’s wrong with this one:

  • It only talks about what the candidate wants to achieve and fails to mention what the prospective employer stands to gain

  • Grammar, spelling mistakes, typos, word omissions, punctuation errors never help you unless you are chatting with a friend on Whatsapp or something. 


Now, let us take an example of a good summary for a Business Analyst resume:

“Highly motivated Business Analyst with 5 years of experience in managing large projects with prestigious companies including Mphasis and Infosys. Currently working for a US-based e-commerce project where I have worked on-site in the USA and Singapore for over 18 months”

What it conveys to the recruiter:

  • The BA has experience in dealing with international clients

  • Work-related travel won’t be a problem when required

  • Brings to the table what you’d expect from someone who has worked with such companies as Mphasis and Infosys.



Resume Objective / Career Objective for an entry-level Business Analyst Fresher Resume?

A resume objective is a 2-3 sentence statement that describes your professional aspirations.

But before we find out How to write a Business Analyst Career Objective for a resume, let’s first know ‘Where’. A resume for a business analyst fresher (with no experience or entry level) should have an objective. So if you aren’t a fresher, you’d probably want to skip a resume objective and use a business analyst profile summary instead.


And, an example of a not-so-great resume objective is essential if we have to understand what a good resume objective looks like. Here’s one for you:


“I want to be an expert business analyst and seeking an opportunity to learn something new in a challenging role.”



Let’s consider a good one now:

“A recent MBA graduate from one of India’s top 5 management schools. Interned with TCS, where I learnt from some of the brightest Business Analysts in the country. Looking for a role wherein I can make a meaningful contribution by adding value in a team-centric culture”

See the difference? The second one focuses on what the candidate brings to the table and what he/she values most in the first job.



Can you share some Business Analyst Resume Templates for Finance Domain (Banking / Insurance / Wealth Management / Investment Banking etc.)?


Absolutely, we create amazing CV for Business Analysts.

Here’s a Business Analyst Resume Example for banking/insurance domain in India and beyond. This can be used as a sample resume for experienced business analyst or senior business analyst resume.


Sample Resume
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